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Medical diagnostic center  

"My Health":


from 09:00  to 21:00 

т. 8 (861) 200-04-04

т. 8 (861) 240-82-72

т. 8 988-240-82-73 (МТС)



Medical diagnostic Center "My Health"

Medical diagnostic center ultrasound 4d and MRI in Krasnodar 

Medical Diagnostic Center "MyHealth" in Krasnodar - the firstin the city with a magnetic resonance imagingopen type (MRI) and ultrasound scanner expert class HI VISION AVIUS production company Hitachi. In addition to MRI and ultrasound diagnostics in medical center employs highly qualified specialists: neurologist, oncologist, endocrinologist, urologist, gynecologist.

In our center, installed a new (2013 model year), Magnetic Resonance Imaging of open type. The most modernat the moment in Krasnodar and the only open-type MRI, which eliminates the need to find a patientin an enclosed space.

Medical Diagnostic Center"MyHealth"i s located in Krasnodaron the street Sormovskaya88. Magnetic Resonance Imagingis locatedon the first floorof a modern building, which is very convenient for special categories of patients: people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the elderly. In addition, patientsin wheelchairs to easily deliver tomography and ino ther offices - the centeris adapted to this: wide door way ssuitablesills.

And now you can virtually visit the diagnostic center "MyHealth", go through all the cabinets. Visit our 3Dtour.



 3D Tour

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